Community & Sustainability

Operating with Integrity

Guiding principles of Coal

HRCM subscribes to the “Guiding Principles for the Coal Industry” (as below) which were established by the UK-based World Coal Institute:

  • Work to increase understanding of the principles of sustainable development within the industry and among mining communities, and demonstrate leadership in implementing the principles
  • Minimise any adverse impacts from its activities on the biosphere, on the health and safety of its employees, and on local communities
  • Improve the technical and economic efficiency of energy conversion, thereby minimising resource use
  • Significantly reduce ‘per unit’ emissions from the production and use of coal
  • Contribute to the efficient and beneficial transfer of new and advanced clean coal technologies to enhance their global uptake and to assist in meeting the needs of developing countries (recognising their legitimate development aspirations and the low energy efficiency of older thermal plant)
  • Support by individual coal companies for community development initiatives to address local sustainability issues, providing enhanced economic and social opportunities relevant to the location and scale of their operations
Meadstone Falls, Mt Puzzler, Fingal Valley

Health & Safety

Safe operations

HRCM has a commitment to having an incident and injury free workplace.

We recognise that the behaviour of individuals contributes to a culture of operating safely and an incident and injury free workplace. Demonstrated compliance to Safety regulatory framework and standards across the Company is required.

There is an understanding that safety leadership, an active caring workplace and participation of employees and contractors is key to our safety journey.

As such our Safety framework is reflective and forward looking focusing on hazard identification, risk analysis and considered management.

Health and well being

We are committed to health and well being.

Our target is the prevention of new occupational health illnesses. Further, we recognise that a healthy work-life balance is important to our productivity and we promote this.

We comply with all relevant legislation.

Policy on Alcohol and other drugs

Alcohol and drugs can impair our judgement and the decisions we make. The decisions we make impact on our safety and productivity. The possession or consumption of alcohol or illegal drugs on HRCM premises is not tolerated. Further, impairment under alcohol or drugs is strictly prohibited on all our sites.

Environmental Management

Environmental Performance

The site for the new coal project has been carefully selected to minimise environmental impact. The development and coal extraction processes have been designed utilising latest technologies to minimise the environmental impact of operations.

We believe excellence in environmental performance helps define our success. We will continue to find ways in which to minimise or eliminate impact on the environment.

Our environmental standards recognise:

  • the need to protect bio diversity and the ecosystems we are part of
  • that sustainable water management is critical
  • that the efficient use of energy and energy generation is a journey, and one we are committed to

At a minimum we will comply with environmental laws and regulations of the respective jurisdictions in which we operate.

HRCM acknowledges and is committed to the permit conditions set by EPA Tasmania and the Break O’Day Council.


Communities in the North East

The relationships we have with our neighbours and the communities in which we operate are built on mutual respect, collaboration and long term commitment. HRCM aims to be an active participant in – and a substantial contributor on many levels to – local communities across North-East Tasmania.

Township of Fingal

We respect the cultural values, traditions and beliefs of the communities in which we operate and factor this into our planning.

We promote collaboration through stakeholder engagement at local, regional, state and national levels.

We endeavour to support our communities with projects that are sustainable, mutually beneficial and contribute to the communities’ long term development goals.

With its substantial financial investments in people, capital equipment and operations and its long-term commitment to development of the Fingal Tier Project, HRCM will provide greater economic underpinning for local investment and community development projects, from schools to other vital services and infrastructure.

Fingal Festival - World Coal Shovelling Championships

HRCM has been a proud sponsor of the Fingal Festival since 2012.

The company aims to have a positive social and financial impact through:

  • Greater opportunities in employment
  • Training, technical and operational education and personal development
  • Scope for participation in research and development/innovation programs
  • Further potential sponsorship and support programs for schools, businesses and community projects
World Coal Shovelling Championships