2017 Drilling Program - Testing Outer Limits of Resource - EL16/2010


Quality Coal Resources & Reserves

HRCM initiated its drilling program in 2011 across two separate Exploration Licences(EL16 & EL17/2010) covering over 278sq. kilometres. Since then HRCM have established significant thermal coal resources. Measured, indicated and inferred classes (JORC Compliant) in excess of 550 million tonnes across seams of economic interest. Today, HRCM holds a consolidated licence (EL16/2010) covering 156 sq. kilometres having relinquished non economic areas. In May 2017 the Company added an additional 104sq. kilometres (EL16/2016) bringing our total tenement range to 270sq. kilometres.

Further Exploration

HRCM is continuing with its extended drilling programs in 2017 and 2018. Drilling is now being focused on confirming mine design with the Mining Lease and developing a JORC Compliant Resource in the new Mt Punter Licence.

Mine Development

Road, Portals and Environmental works in place.

HRCM received Environmental Permit from the Environmental Protection Authority Tasmania on 28 August 2012 and its Development Approval (DA) from the Break O'Day Council on 17 September 2012. Mine development will commence once Mining Lease and Company approvals are in place.

HRCM will initially be mining the well-researched Duncan coal "F" seam present in the Fingal Valley. The Mine will be a Bord and Pillar operation with an approved 1 million tonne per annum output. Steady state operations are expected to be reached in 2020.

Surface Construction

Surface construction will occur in three phases:

  • Road Infrastructure
  • Water Treatment & Storage
  • Building Infrastructure
  • Mine Site Services - Power

Stage 1 Surface Contruction is 95% complete with a complete environmental footprint having been established together with circuit roads, water hydraulics, and portals exposed for development.

Stage 2 Surface works will commence on initiation of underground development. This will estblish loading and haulage logistics.

Mine Construction

Concurrently with surface construction mine development will occur initially with 1200m of roadway to be driven by a roadheader in a mixture of coal & soft rock. This process is expected to take 12 months.

Equipment to be used:

  • Road Header
  • Continuous Miners
  • Development /Miner/Bolters
  • Pillar Extraction
  • Front end Loaders
  • Employee Transports
  • Conveyor System
Google Map of Mine Site
JOY12CM12 Continuous Miner - Pillar Extraction Unit (Example)
JOY12CM15 Continuous Miner - Miner Bolter (Example)

Research & Development

Global mining has undergone a profound change to become an increasingly high-tech industry. Mining is becoming one of the world's most dynamic and technologically advanced industry sectors.

HRCM is positioning itself as a developer and early adopter of innovative systems, processes and equipment.

The industry continuously innovates in an environment of high risk and ongoing structural changes where demand and prices for minerals and metals fluctuate widely. Outcomes in exploration and development are uncertain and foreign and domestic political situations are often unpredictable. HRCM is driving innovation in "No Touch" and "Low Touch" mining.

International competition has intensified with globalisation. At the same time, the industry has placed higher priority on enhancing environmental performance and improving occupational health and safety.

HRCM, working with its parent, the Caason Group, is presently focused on the active use of innovation and R&D to achieve the following goals:

  • Improve OH&S programs and create new safety performance benchmarks;
  • Develop technologies that allow environmentally and socially acceptable resource development;
  • Reduce environment impact or footprint of mining operations by end-to-end automating of most transport and logistics tasks;
  • Develop and source technologies to maintain a steady supply of economically exploitable mineral resources;
  • Assist in increasing the rate of discovery of mineral resources;
  • Improve the economics of mining and processing of existing reserves; increase the conversion rate of resources to reserves;
  • Develop an integrated mining communication system with global positioning to assist with remote mining techniques;
  • Increase the value-added proportion of the coal production cycle;
  • Meet community expectations for low-impact, sustainable mining operations; and
  • Take Innovation from Australia into International Markets.

To ensure on-going competitiveness, HRCM is focused on reducing costs, increasing productivity, and expanding into new markets by making important technological advances and in-licensing of appropriate technology.

Mine Location

Valley Road, Fingal, Tasmania, Australia